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논문 상세정보

연세대학교 문화인류학과의 인류학 개론 교육: 교양 강좌를 중심으로

How Are We Teaching Introduction to Anthropology? : The Case of Yonsei University

한국문화인류학 v.43 no.2 , 2010년, pp.129 - 159  

This paper analyzes the meaning of teaching cultural anthropology in a university where the liberal arts is said to be in crisis and neglected. The analysis and discussion is based on my experience lecturing at Yonsei University. Cultural relativism and the holistic approach are the stepping stones to view realities from afar and explore the alternatives. Fieldwork helps us decipher concrete experiences and inquire about the underlying cultural codes. In that sense, cultural anthropology can be an intellectual base for the students who will live in the complex global world, enabling them to design an alternative life space inspired by the raising of new questions.This paper overviews the evolution of my teaching approach over the course of 20 years, and argues for the educational mission of cultural anthropology. For that purpose I introduce the ideas and materials for carrying out group discussions and workshops in the classroom, and I provide tips on encouraging the dynamism of classroom groups. I also evaluate the usefulness of fieldwork and interview assignments. I think that lecturing to students is an encounter. Communication, when it is triggered by learning leads to intellectual advancement. Anthropology’s tradition of studying other cultures can contribute to dialogue between the generations in the present situation in which the gap is becoming wider.

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