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논문 상세정보

스페인어 대학수학능력시험 출제의 문제점 및 대책

Some considerations about Spanish exam in Scholastic Aptitude Test of Korea

Foreign Languages Education v.17 no.1 , 2010년, pp.379 - 403  

It has already been ten years since the students of high school were allowed to choose Spanish as a second foreign language for the entrance examination to the university. Meanwhile, even if this exam is considered as the only reference for the students and as the guidelines for the professors, there has not been any public investigation. This lack of research about this subject led us to the necessity of reviewing the exam sheets to analyse the evolution of the grade difficulty, which was very low at the beginning of this exam. The exam evaluates different aspects of the language: pronunciation and spelling (10%, 3 questions), vocabulary (10%, 3 questions), grammar (17%, 5 questions), communicative competence (53%, 16 questions), culture(10%, 3 questions). As the percentages show it, the main purpose of this exam is to check the ability of the students to communicate in the situation of daily life of Spanish native speakers. However, since 1997, when the level of exam started to go up, the most difficult questions were concentrated on the grammar and this point is contradictory to the general objective of the evaluation,which is not to focus on the grammar but on the aspect of language use. So, for the purpose of solving this problem, this study presents various suggestions firstly within the limits of exam delimited by the vocabulary and grammar list and then also makes a proposal to extend the limit of exam, especially so that this official exam can be fairly close to the general regulation which is also the objective of Spanish teaching and study for professors and students of high school.

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