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논문 상세정보

1917년 러시아혁명과 여성:일상생활의 연속성과 변화

Russian Revolution and Women: Continuities and Changes of Everyday Life

여성과 역사 no.12 , 2010년, pp.37 - 68   http://dx.doi.org/10.22511/women..12.201006.37

The meaning of Russian Revolution for Russian women has long been a disputed question. The Russian Revolution was not only a social revolution, but also a revolution of everyday life. This article examines participations and roles of Russian women from February Revolution to the end of Civil War. This article will concentrate its attention on women’s behaviors and attitudes toward the Russian Revolution. During the Revolution, women had challenged to family relations and gender relations deeply rooted in traditional patriarchy and actively participated as historical actors. Women of different social classes participated in the turmoil of 1917 in different ways. Peasant women, working-class women, bourgeois feminists, and socialist feminists joined the Revolution in various ways. Above all radical women challenges to patriarchy and gender discrimination that shaped their lives as powerfully as did ethnicity or religion during revolution. After all, experiments in early Soviet Russia had meant that they gave women various voices. Zhenotdel, one of the most important achievement of the revolution contributed for women to draw into the revolution and soviet system building process, integrate women to the revolution and set a lot of strategies for everyday life. In this context, government policies toward women of 1930s were an obstacle of getting possibilities as a strategy of everyday life.

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