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논문 상세정보


A Study on the Social Responsibility of Commercial Banks

중국법연구 v.13 , 2010년, pp.117 - 136   http://dx.doi.org/10.22415/clr.2010.13..006

Chinese Commercial Banks can achieve good performance, largely thanks to national attention and support to Commercial Banks reform and development. Therefore, when the Commercial Banks formulate the strategy,they should put social responsibility stress on the important position. The social responsibility of commercial banks mainly include the responsibilities which commercial banks should fulfill their renposibilities for stakeholders, in the economic, legal, moral and philanthropic. Economic responsibility is the foundation of legal liability, moral responsibility and liability charity. The Commercial Bank as a paticular coorporation should obey the relevant regulations including ethics provisions, and perform its economic mission. It is very important that they should give up their profits according to law sometimes. Moral responsibility and philanthropic liability are sublimated on the basis of realization of economic responsibility and legal liability. it directly reflects the social responsibility of the enterprise.Corporate social responsibility is increasingly becoming the hot issue all around the world, while social responsibility of commercial banks which is a special corporate in China is more important. Our Commercial Banks in the social responsibilities still have many shortcomings. Our country Commercial Banks, in a certain extent, realize the importance of social responsibilities,while it still stays in the surface and do not rise to the strategic height in accordance with disclosure information. And when carrying out their social responsibilities, a several of Commercial Banks, in a certain extent, still cling to the “do good thing and earn money” which is a “advertisement” to improve their public relations. Their purposes lie in profit or other benefits,corporate social responsibility is just a means of profit.It need several elements for commercial banks to fulfill their social responsibility, such as, the power of government, mandatory laws and institutions, the internal self-regulatory mechanism in the commercial banks.In the initial stage of social responsibility, it is very important for Commercial Banks to realize that carrying out the economic and legal liability is legal obligations, or will be punished by the law. At the same time, we should exercise a closer supervision over the government, industry and other regulatory function. In the Commercial Banks internal level, we should adjust the governance structure of Commercial Banks.

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