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논문 상세정보

범죄피해자에 대한 국가의 보호 -개정된 범죄피해자보호법을 중심으로

Protection of Nation for Crime Victim -Focusing on the Crime Victim Protection Act 2010-

토지공법연구 v.50 , 2010년, pp.437 - 472  

People base relationships with others based on national and social connections.Also diverse human relationships are formed through political, economic, social and cultural affinities. But many problems arise in mutual relationships, the root cause of which may be difficult physical, mental and financial problems. When we examine modern society, we see the number of violent crimes increasing. This increase may be attributed to economic progress accompanying industrial development.But up until recently, legal authorities were more focused on the offender's rights when accused of criminal behavior. There has been little focus to the victims rights and the problems they face as a result of the criminal acts.It is not a desirable outcome for the nation responsible for enacting law and preventing crime to neglect the problems victims face. As a result, the Republic of Korea established a constitutional basis to address victims rights by Amendment to the Constitution. The Republic of Korea Constitution, Article 30: Citizens who have suffered bodily injury or death due to criminal acts of others may receive aid from the State under the conditions as prescribed by act.The Republic of Korea has established two acts that address this issue: the Crime Victim Protection Act (2005); and the Crime Victim Aid Act (1998). These were recently combined to establish the Crime Victim Protection Act (2010).This review examined the general theory related to crime victim aid, and additionally, crime victims' right of demand for redress. Also the focus reviews the key points of the amended Crime Victim Protection Act according to the issues, including the establishment of the Crime Victim Protection Fund Act and necessity of the Circumstantial Manual Description for the real recovery for crime victims.

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