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논문 상세정보

고전소설에 나타난 꽃의 문예적 조명

The literary light Of The Flowers That Appear In The Classical Novels

한국언어문학 no.74 , 2010년, pp.171 - 198  

The classical novels formed the literary views to solve the problems of the real world through nature. That is, They tried to solve the troubles of those days through the thought that human beings unite with nature. They imagined the mysterious world such as fairy world, the other world, Sea king's palace in the communication with nature and further showed the imagination that human beings communicated with animals or plants. The works based on the communication between human beings and flowers had appeared among them.The subject 「Hwawangye」 of 『Samguksagi』 discusses the right relationship between sovereign and subject and desires the world that shines by the king's good intentions through flowers. It embodies the right reason and order of the human beings' world through the impersonated flower's world. Like this, the example of the communication between human beings and flowers includes the subject 「Geotaji tales」of 『Samgukyusa』. The story is as follow. the sea king makes her daughter became a spray of flowers and gives it to Goetaji. And then the woman lives with Geotaji after it is changed to her later. The flowers here is the present that the heaven gives the human being that saves the God's world that goes through the hardships and symbolizes the fact that the absolute value of the human beings' world is Justice.Flowers actively appear in the classical novels of Joseon age and is first used to bring into relief the hero/heroine in the three dimensions. Choirang of 「Leesaenggyujangjeon」and Sonangja of 「Wikyeongcheonjeon」meet the hero by the feature that they put the spray of flowers on her hair or with the hand. The glamorous and voluptuous beauty of heroines radiates and this suggests that the heroines lead their love relationship that will be developed soon.The flowers of Nanyang princess' dream of conception of 「Guwunmong」and Shimcheong dream of conception of 「Shimcheongjeon」bring into relief the fact that they have the divinity of Heaven. Gyeseomwal and Chunhwang's position present Gisaengs through the peach blossom in their houses in 「Chunhwangjeon」 and 「Guwunmong」. And the flowers of 「Jeonwuchijeon」 brings into relief the Taoism's character of Jeonwuchi.Second, flowers are used in the description of temporal and spatial scene. The fallen blossoms in Suseokgung space of 「Wunyeongjeon」suggest the tragic love of the hero and heroine who early die. The flower garden in the back yard of 「Anbingmonyurok」is changed to the dream's world of Anbing. And the pavilion standing beside a lotus pond that the lotus flowers bloom of 「Jongokjeon」is done to the space that the truth of Jongok reveals.On the other hand, the flowers have the characteristics that they are very shortly described in the temporal scene unlike the spatial one. For example, it's not the conventional expression such as 'when the period that they can take the state examination'. It consists of the expression such as 'They match their literary talent in the state examination hall.'. The expression in the three dimensions that the change of the environment is used is remarkable.Third, the promotion and match of the literary talent that appear in the inserted poem even use the image of flowers. The flowers are used by the subject of the poem that Yangsaeng and female ghosts match the literary talents in 「Manboksajeopogi」. Nangyang princess and Jeonggyeongpe do it with the real flowers in 「Guwunmong」. And the lotus blossom and chrysanthemum do it with theme that they live their lives on enjoying the morality in 「Anbingmongyurok」.Like this, the imaged flowers in the classical novels play a role in more specifically revealing the theme of the individual works. The flowers first contribute to reveal the communication and conflict of the love relationship. KimSaeng and Yangsoyu of 「Sangsadonggi」 and 「Guwunmong」 come out on wearing the royal secret inspector flowers. The flowers are cas...

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