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논문 상세정보

강화(江華)의 정체성을 보여주는 상징조형물 개발 연구

A Study on the Development of a Symbolic Sculpture to Represent the Identity of Gangwha

한국디자인문화학회지 v.16 no.3 , 2010년, pp.183 - 192  

Ganghwa has a historic value which an important strategic position for standing against foreign invasions and is well assorted with natural environment in a mild climate. It also has received high praise as the best vacation spot by tourists for a long time because of its clean nature and long history. However, unlike other cities in Korea an absence of a symbolic sculpture as the representative and identity of Ganghwa makes not enough to stand out for its advantages. The purpose of this study is that building a symbolic sculpture at the front of Gangwha bridge with eco-friendly design harmonized with history and culture makes to improve a brand value of Ganghwa and to represent a differentiated local identity. Therefore, the method of this study sets based on foreign excellent cases, accesses what condition will be suitable for regional characteristics and what elements will be representative for Ganghwa with structural parts such as material, type and shape. Physical and psychological sections which people would feel are newly invented through the modern design to be interpreted an interaction among essential concept, appearance and meaning for practical aspects. Therefore, Ganghwa sculpture will place on a part of environmental elements and simultaneously have public utilizability and artistic meaning. Also, it has decorative purpose that is encouraged of self-esteem and pride for inhabitants and is added to be a sculputre taking a role of the identity of Gangwha with a sense of closeness for visitors.

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