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논문 상세정보

자기결정성이론과 현장 적용 연구

Self-Determination Theory: Research and Applications in Educational Settings

교육심리연구 v.24 no.3 , 2010년, pp.583 - 609  

In this article, the self-determination theory(SDT), which is one the most popular intrinsic motivation theories to date, is briefly summarized and the SDT related studies that have been conducted in the educational settings are reviewed. During the course, the four mini-theories(the cognitive evaluation theory, the organismic integration theory, the causality orientation theory, and the basic psychological need theory) which have been included in the macrotheory of SDT are summarized along with the “fifth mini-theory”, the goal content theory. It is also attempted to explain the relationships among the mini-theories in terms of the common background of the basic psychological need satisfaction. In addition, the empirical research on each mini-theories that have been conducted in the Korean educational settings are also reviewed. The practical application ideas in the Korean educational context are discussed and some possible future research direction is proposed.

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