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논문 상세정보

브랜드카페 공간의 문화가치 탐색을 위한 의미생성행로적 연구 : 소비자행동, 소비자태도, 공간컨셉에 대한 문화기호학적 분석을 중심으로

A Study of Cultural Values of Branded Cafe Space through Semiotic Analyses of the Consumer behavior, Consumer attitude and Space Concept

소비문화연구 v.13 no.3 , 2010년, pp.75 - 100   http://dx.doi.org/10.17053/jcc.2010.13.3.004
전형연, 김화영

This study has highlighted a pattern pertinent to the popular sector as branded cafe which was considered as not only a functional space but also a new cultural space. The purpose of this research is to provide a qualitative insight into contemporary issues of consumption culture and associated cultural values within the branded cafe sector in Korea. Therefore, the semiotic approach has provided a consumer-based focus via the use of the “generative trajectory of signification model” which have helped to build pictures on routine aspects of this spatial culture phenomenon for analysis. This study tried to find the concept of cultural values by analyzing consumer behaviors, consumer attitudes and space concepts in the three stages : discursive dimension, semio-narrative dimension and valuable dimension. These three stage research process were composed by the observation methodology, the questionnaire methodology and the cultural semiotics to achieve to find the cultural core values of this space. Actually, the consumer behaviors observed could be interpreted with the /isolating/ values and /communicative/ values and the survey-analysis of the consumer attitudes could be defined by the /professional/ values and /social/ values in the semantic dimension. This study shows therefore that the operation of the semiotic square is a useful model, while adapting it to the exploration of the space concept of the branded cafe such as practical value, utopian value, critical value and ludic value.

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