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논문 상세정보

감정평가업자의 책임

A Study on the liability of the Appraisal Business Operator

홍익법학 v.11 no.3 , 2010년, pp.287 - 312   http://dx.doi.org/10.16960/jhlr.11.3.201010.287

Appraisal business operator appraises and assesses the reasonable prices of the land, building, movables, etc; in compliance with the request of the others receiveing the repair which is fixed. Reasonable price means the price at which trade is deemed to be most likely effected if normal transaction takes place in the ordinary market regarding the land and housing concerned. Appraisal and assessment means the estimation of economic value of land, etc. and putting the price thereof on the basis of the estimation, and Appraisal business means an activity taking as the business the appraisal and assessment of land, etc. at the request of other persons for a certain remuneration.His duties are fixed in detail by the "Public Notice of Values and Appraisal of Real Estate Act". The purpose of this Act is to make an official announcement of the reasonable price of real estate, such as land and housing, so that it can be used as a standard for calculation of real estate prices; to help contribute to the formation of reasonable prices thereof by stipulating matters regarding the appraisal and assessment of land, building, movables, etc. ; to promote the efficient utilization of national land and development of national economy. According to this Act, appraisal business operator means a certified public appraiser having reported pursuant to the minister of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs and an appraisal corporation authorized pursuant of the minister.He who violates the law and regulations should be asked a liability when neglecting his task, because his duty affects to the performance of public services and guarantee of the property right. The liability of the Appraisal Business Operator is divided into three groups and penalties are laid in the statute; civil liability, criminal liability, administrative liability. Civil liability means a compensation for damage by civil law. Administrative liability are fixed by the law; revocation of a establishment authorization, suspension of business, imposition disposition of penalty surcharge, imposition of fine for negligence, disciplinary action. We can find administrative punishment as a criminal liability. In this study this matters are considered by the "Public Notice of Values and Appraisal of Real Estate Act".

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