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논문 상세정보

儒家 윤리이론의 전통과 寒岡의 敬義論

The tradition of Confucius moral theory and Han Kang‘s theory of Kung(敬)·Ui(義)

동양철학연구 no.64 , 2010년, pp.65 - 99   http://dx.doi.org/10.17299/tsep..64.201011.65

This paper is to written for study on purpose and method, content of moral education theory of Confucianism, and for consideration about Han Kang's theoretical character of moral education theory in the Neo-Confucianism age.In the confucian tradition, the truth has value when it presumed by morality. Neo-confucianists as well as confucian thinkers had made on effort to find out philosophical ground and logic about human moral act. On the this point, they were rather specialist of ethics and moral teacher than philosopher. Han Kang was not exceptional.Confucianism was oriented toward accentuating moral cultivation in the educational parts. Thinking Han Kang's academic character which is concerned with moral education, We can agree and conclude the next several view points. At first, Han Kang admitted that basic purpose of confucian moral education was at the making a sage man. Secondly, He succeeded to tradtion of NamMyungHak in the point that he was willing to connect moral theory centered for Kung(敬) between realizing justice in real society can be acted and applied by Ui(義). Expressing his thought as above explained by using confucian traditional word, We can abstract this academic tendency as ‘Kung Ui Hyup Chi(敬義夾持)’ and ‘Pak Moon Yak Rei(博文約禮)’. As a conclusion, He was not only a theorizer of researching moral education but also practical philosopher in our past thinking history.

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