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논문 상세정보

사회적 창의성 중심의 사회과 수업 탐색

A Study on Social Studies Instruction Focused on the 'Social Creativity'

사회과교육연구 v.17 no.4 , 2010년, pp.57 - 70  

This study was conducted to search for the creativity implemented and expressed in the social studies problem solving instruction, focusing on the social creativity. In this study, the social studies creativity was reconceptualized as the social creativity. Moreover, it intended to interpret the social studies instruction in the new view of the social creativity.The design of the lessons specified as problem solving model centered on the social creativity'(Kim, 2008). As for Social studies creative problem solving process, I, firstly, divided personal creativity process and social creativity process, and then I distinguished cognitive and affective dimensions of each sub-element dimensions. In personal process, I focused on the problem recognition and thought about how to solve for it oneself. In social process, I examined that students knew how to accept, compromise, combine, and transform personal alternatives through interpersonal interaction.As a result, students showed some of the reaction type throughout the course of social interaction. Namely, an individual's personal suggestion, which is formed on the premise that dialogue and cooperation is necessary in the communication process, was persuaded, smoothed, or rejected. In addition, an internal condition or basis that includes consideration, compromise, understanding of others, and cooperation, which are necessary condition of the social creativity, is implemented in the process of social creativity. In order to seek and understand the essence of the social studies creativity, more practical research about social creativity should be made continuously.

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