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논문 상세정보

온라인상에서 기업이슈 생성 및 확산

The origination and diffusion of online news and rumors on a company

Korea Business Review v.14 no.2 , 2010년, pp.81 - 104  
김종현, 박기우, 권순재

The diffusion of online corporate issues (news and rumors) is becoming a critical factor in corporate reputation management. As they spread very fast and broadly, it is difficult for a corporation to respond to them effectively. Therefore, this study focuses on exploiting the origination and diffusion patterns of online corporate issues to provide practical implications to a corporation. In doing so, we selected the sample cases (2 news and 2 rumors) and analyzed their contents, initial sources, diffusion paths, and the actions which the corporations actually took. Finally, we drew 6 propositions. Proposition 1-1: The issue originators have a tendency to solve the problems they have after failing to make a compromise with the corporations. Proposition 1-2: The distrust in a corporation facilitates the origination of online corporate issues. Proposition 2-1: Online corporate issues are largely originated from the communities with high level of anonymity. Proposition 2-2: Online corporate issues spread through online communities or portals and get a public confidence by a mass media’s acknowledgment. Proposition 3-1: Netizens have a tendency to come around others’ opinions easily rather than to discriminate truth from falsehood. Proposition 3-2: Once online corporate issues are spread massively, it is difficult for a corporation to respond to them successfully. Additionally, this study provides three implications to a corporation: First, enhance the monitoring activities to online corporate issues. Secondly, take a prompt action to negative online corporate issues. Lastly, build the feedback systems to reflect consumers' opinions.

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