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논문 상세정보

현대 한국사회 전통 상례의 현황과 과제

The State and Challenges of Traditional Mourning Ritual in Present Korean Society

국학연구 no.17 , 2010년, pp.435 - 462   http://dx.doi.org/10.36093/ks.2010..17.013

Mourning Ritual, which was traditionally held for 3 years, is now held only for 3 days. As a result, the functions of Mourning Ritual that treat a dead body and alleviate mental shock of the bereaved caused by death of the deceased has disappeared. Instead, Funeral Rites limited to treatment of a body remains. The head family, however, maintains 'traditional' Mourning Ritual. The head family takes it for grated that they perform the Mourning Ritual, and the head house has become a place where traditional Mourning Ritual continues. This is the cultural role and meaning of traditional Mourning Ritual in present society. Therefore, I suggest that 'Funeral Rites' should be used only for treatment of a body and 'Mourning Ritual' for comprehensive meaning which includes the subsequent ceremonies.As specialization of occupations in modern society rituals has also been specialized; funeral parlours and funeral protection company. However, funeral parlours only provide funeral services limited to lending of a ceremonial hall or treatment of a dead body, rather than ritual services, or Mourning Ritual. Funeral protection company which was supposed to overcome those weaknesses do not live up to expectations.Funeral directors are the profession needed for ritual services in funeral parlours and funeral protection company. However, they have been trained as technicians focussing on hygienic treatment of a body, so they have limitations to perform ritual services. Therefore, it is almost impossible for funeral parlours and funeral protection companies to offer ritual services. They are the typical commercial agencies for rituals in modern days, and thus they are expected to provide a series of ritual services from the moment of death to the end of mourning. When funeral parlours and funeral protection companies provide modern people who have little knowledge of rituals with proper ritual services as well as treatment of a body, it can be said that they fulfill their duties as service agencies.

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