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논문 상세정보

기독교 정체성에 대한 조망과 대응

An Evaluation and Response to the Identity of Christianity

개혁논총 v.16 , 2010년, pp.229 - 253  

Today, Korean Christianity is facing an identity crisis; the postmodern world of relativism provides a rich breeding ground for various elements which undermine the identity of the Korean Church. Through this paper, I seek to define such elements, provide practical solutions to address and counter such elements, and offer guidelines to establish a truly biblical Christian identity for the Korean Church.First, a biblical Christian identity acknowledges the importance of establishing the Christian identity upon the firm foundation of the Bible; Christianity cannot be based on a foundation which does not acknowledge the Bible as the inspired Word of God and the complete standard by which Christians are meant to construct and live their lives.Second, I emphasize the importance of correctly and accurately understanding Jesus Christ, the central element and cornerstone of Christian identity. Jesus Christ is the fundamental agent of our justification, sanctification, and glorification; thus a Christian picture without the centerpiece of Jesus Christ is simply humanism and the Gospel without Christ is but mere philosophy. All of the moral, philosophical, or religious doctrines in the world can never replace the message of Christ.Third, Christian identity within the postmodern world can only be secured by Christians whose faith and lives are unified and practiced consistently. It is only when the “salt and light of the world” cease to be scriptural terminology and become social and interpersonal reality that the world will see the God of the scriptures.

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