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논문 상세정보

한중일 삼국 지식인 ‘사(士)’의 이상 - 배상제교․동학․천리교의 종교사상 비교를 중심으로

The Intellectuals' Ideals in the Traditional East Asian Societies : Focused on the Religious Thoughts of Donghak, Tenrikyo and the Society of God Worshippers

한국철학논집 no.31 , 2011년, pp.375 - 406  

The paper investigates the ideal image and the ideological tendency of the traditional intellectuals in the East Asian Societies by analyzing the religious thoughts of Donghak, Tenrikyo and the Society of God Worshippers, which were the representative religious bodies in Korea, Japan and China.In particular, this paper focuses on the founders' thoughts of the religious organizations, such as Choi Jewoo(崔濟愚, 1824-1864) of Donghak, Nakayama Miki(中山みき, 1798-1887) of Tenrikyo and Hong xiuquan(洪秀全, 1814-1864) of the Society of God Worshippers.The results obtained from the study are as follows:Choi Jewoo's father was a teacher in a rural village, and so Choi Jewoo also wanted to be a teacher. Afterward when he had religious experiences, in the trance state, he became a teacher. Consequently, his religious thoughts were based on the ideal teacher's stance.Nakayama Miki respected her father, who was a low-ranking warrior or bushi(武士). And when she experienced strange experiences, she became a high-ranking warrior or shogun(將軍). On this account, many of her religious thoughts were based on the ideal bushi's position.Hong xiuquan's father was a low-ranking local official, therefore Hong xiuquan wanted to be a high-ranking official since childhood. Later, he took the civil service examinations only to failed. And so when he had religious experiences, he became an official appointed by God. And his religious thoughts, in many cases, depended on the ideal official's stance.

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