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논문 상세정보

도시생활환경의 체감녹지율 향상을 위한 그린디자인 연구

A Study on Green Design for Improving Green Ratio in Urban Environment

한국디자인문화학회지 v.17 no.1 , 2011년, pp.215 - 225  
백지원, 정강화

The world has started to act to answer the issues of environment these days. To improve the urban life environment, we now build a new era of urban design for regenerating space for both nature and human and apply green-growth policy as a tool. Korea, is also going along with this flow by contributes to establish organizations and systematical connection between urban environment design fields while also proposes countermeasures in these issues. Now, we do not only protect environmental pollutions but also create a new urban culture for people to enjoy well-designed neighborhood. City is a space for human being. And this movement for qualitative improvement of urban life environment has been continued as an extension of its future. The research started with a question whether Greening system could bring a continuous improvement on quality of our life environment. And yet to suggest a better measures to resolve the current problems for the betterment of society’s environment and raise the value of the green with a Design point of view. Furthermore, studying green design of urban environment is to analyze the point of issues that lie in current city’s green system and aim to define the effect of green design. To demonstrate importance of green design, the research draw a conclusion from comparing physical amount of green and actual people’s viewpoint of modern city’s present condition of green area with a design standpoint. It also analyzes and categorizes statistical data to establish a fundamental concept of green design for human. The result of this analysis shows that physical amount of green area is not necessarily proportional to its quality of green life in urban environment and it could be construed as not only the amount of green is important but also how it has designed is more related to the level of satisfaction after all. This implies that right design with proper environment will make the better environment for the urban life. In conclusion, the research has conducted to suggest a proper relationship between nature and human in order to share it in the urban city environment and offer a better green-environment for the urban people.

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