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논문 상세정보

법계와 복례의 회통연구

A Study on Harmonization between Dharma world and Etiquette Recovery

한국교수불자연합학회지 v.16 no.2 , 2010년, pp.61 - 87  

The technology of modernized society has deepen the conflicts of mutual communication. It is difficult to understand Uisang’s Middle Way, because he is not telling us directly the contents of whatever a certain Dharma world diagram has, but formally the way of thinking to view the relation between a language and enlightenment. This way of thinking is close to the method of Middle Way of Buddhistic doctrines. The reason of six twining forms is for the purpose of viewing the world as it is. This method is useful to develope the mutual communication of universal teaching and peculiar teaching.In twining the facts in the world, we can see the world in a form of complete combination. Such a world is called Hanyana Dharma world. And the way of thinking in this form is called by him Hanyana Dharma world of which the significance is interpreted as twining strifes. He names this way of Harmonious twining as completely combining all kinds of doctrines.The is succinctly expressed as accomplished by the way of Middle Way. They had pursued to Etiquette Recovery by Overcoming Ego. They tried to show their advancement of their Royalty and Filial Piety to oriental countries. In this situation of Etiquette Recovery by Overcoming Ego, the discourse of Middle Way was easy to be used for the Harmonization of diverse thoughts. So the principle of Confucian doctrine can be harmonized by the Uisang’s Middle Way in the Dharma world diagram.

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