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논문 상세정보

베트남전쟁을 통한 의식의 변화양상 비교연구 -≪무기의 그늘≫과 ≪그대 아직 살아 있다면≫을 중심으로

The Comparative Study of Korea-Vietnam Novels -Focusing 『Shadow of Arms』 and 『If you are alive』-

현대소설연구 no.46 , 2011년, pp.395 - 426  

Korea and Vietnam have similar histories and geographical features.And, nowadays there is the intimate relationship between them in the economic, political, social and cultural aspects as well. The internal understanding based on the relative thinking of Korea and Vietnam histories is essential to build the desirable relationship continually. Vietnam war was the historical event for the youth of Korea and Vietnam to face each other in the same place. This study pursues the deep understanding of Korea and Vietnam by the deep comparative analysis of the youth’s consciousness and behaviors in Korea-Vietnam novels focusing on Vietnam war. As a text, two novels are chosen because they are typical of Vietnam war novels in Korea and Vietnam: Hwang Seokyeong’s 『Shadow of Arms』 and Van Le’s 『If you are alive』.The consciousness and behaviors of two main characters are divided into three periods such as before, during and after war.By having experience of war, their consciousness are changed individually. However, regardless of the changes of their consciousness.their ways to overcome war are classified by their nationalities like their motivations to participate in a war. This separation between consciousness and behaviors originates with the irresponsibility for Vietnam war. However, the matters of Vietnam war should not be restricted to the ethical matters of Korean soldiers. Regardless of their personalities, four main characters have different ways to overcome war according to their nationalities. That proves the matters of Vietnam war to be social problems which cannot be solved by each individual. Therefore, the matters of Vietnam war should be settled by both the solidarity from the individual responsibility for Vietnam war and the social access to heal the pain of the times.

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