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논문 상세정보

국제표준화기구의 특허 데이터베이스 시계열 분석: ITU-T를 중심으로

Time-Series Analysis on the Patent Database of International Standards Development Organization: Focusing on ITU-T

데이타베이스연구 v.27 no.1 , 2011년, pp.85 - 94  

In the field of ICT(Information and Communication Technology), especially, international standardization is more critical for the success of businesses and countries. Therefore, businesses recognize standards as a strategic tool of gaining competitiveness and increasing a worldwide market share. Businesses not only try to expand the standard favoring them, but also they try to include their IPR(Intellectual Property Rights) such as patents into the standard.In this paper we consider the patents included into the standards of ITU‐T which is a major international standards development organization(SDO) in the field of ICT. The patent analysis is a meaningful research topic because it helps us to understand the current status and future directions of patent activities. We investigate the time‐series patent database with respect to the nationality and institution of patent owners. The results of patent database analysis show that United States and Japan have been working positively and Korea has been grown rapidly.

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