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논문 상세정보

【기획논문】조선전기의 의,농학자 全循義 全循義의 생애와 저술

지역과 역사 no.28 , 2011년, pp.5 - 38  

The Career and Writings of Jeon Sun-Eui(全循義)Lee, Jong-Bong This study examines Jeon Sun-Eui who worked as a royal physician in the reigns of Sejong and Sejo. The gist is as follows.Firstly, the career of Jeon Sun-Eui can be divided into two periods largely. He passed over a course to be a medical officer in the reign of King Sejong, and worked as not only a medical officer but also a statesman in the reign of King Sejo. In the former period, He grew as a medical officer through the doctor training of King Sejong, interacting with Kim Ye-Mong, a civil official, and other medical officers. And in the latter period, he treated the statesmen of merit as well as King Sejo, and variously associated with them on the basis of this political relation. Given the selection conditions for a medical officer in the early Joseon, Jeon Sun-Eui might be from a respectable family rather than the low class, and probably become a medical officer through the state examination.Secondly, the medical practice of Jeon Sun-Eui depended on not only medical books but the various medical techniques and dietary treatments, with which he showed the ability to treat diseases. His impeachment in connection with King Munjong was caused by the adhesion to his own experience. But he displayed his political ability, treating diseases with splendid medical techniques by his old age in the rule of King Sejo.Thirdly, he took part in the compilation of Euibangyuchi in 1445, and wrote Chimgutaegilpyeonjip, widening his medical knowledge. Chimgutaegilpyeonjip sought to achieve a synthesis of the methods of medicinal acupuncture and moxibustion along the medical incentive scheme of King Sejong, whereby to strive for the social stability by enabling people to live in peace. And he wrote Sikryochanyo in 1460. It reveals his medical perspective that emphasized the importance of preventive medicine rather than merely curing disease. Therefore, this shows that his perspective was based on the traditional medical philosophy of Korea and China, and that its focus shifted from curing to preventive medicine.Fourthly, the works of Jeon Sun-Eui were connected with the compilation of medical and agricultural books that were practical literatures about the lives of people, and they were written with the intention of strengthening the rule base of Sejong and Sejo. Because Medical books could contribute to strive for the stability of people’s livelihood by developing medical techniques, and agricultural books could help to reinforce the country’s infrastructure by improving the agricultural techniques and productivity.


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