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논문 상세정보

단군 366사에 나타난 천지정위(天地定位

A Study on the Heaven-Earth Upright in Dangun's 366 Works

단군학연구 v.24 no.24 , 2011년, pp.47 - 76  

The purpose of this paper is to find Dangun’s 366 Works in the Cham-Jeon-Gae- Gyung. The compiler of this book this book is Eul-Paso who had been the Prime Minister of Ko-Kuryo. The Cham-Jeon-Gae-Gyung had been accepted as the main religious ethical guide of practical ethos.In Dangun’s 366 Works, we can find the Heaven-Earth Upright as the relationship between the Sincerity to God and the Respondence for the world. As for Upright living, it represent Three-One Spirit as Korean archetypical God as Sam-shin. This paper is to find out structure and practice in Dangun’s 366 Works.Firstly, The motive of Finding God in man is the way to entering into Philosophical hermitic world. We can find eight principle such as Sincerity, Belief, Love, Relief, Angry, Blessing, Repay, Respond. In this respect, The Philosopher character can respond to world as Sincere role.Secondly, The motive of Ruling the world with Reason and Humanitarian value of Hanwung King in Dangun’s 366 Works, we can find Just mind through accumulation of virtuous deeds. The accumulation of virtuous deeds create harmonious culture to receive blessing and communication as human dignity.Thirdly, The motive of Respondence as goodness without forgetting and without a break can make serene and brimful environment with peaceful living mode beyond ideological conflicts and different view of life.In conclusion, From the point of Heaven-Earth Upright, we can be aware of the relationship between the Sincerity to God with the Respond for the world. It is transverse humanitarian values that require moral responsibility for receipt happiness and community of rights and practice of ethos. The harmonious triple identity of Spirits with Relief can create Sincerity as Heaven from first Work to 36th Work and can make the Respondence as Earth from 321th Work to 350th Work.

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