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논문 상세정보

서정주 시의 어조(語調) 연구 -「花蛇集」을 대상으로

Study on Seo, Jungju's tone of the poem: Base on 『Hwasajip』

국제언어문학 no.23 , 2011년, pp.211 - 232  

This paper is aimed to study on Midang Seo, Jungju's tone of the poem. Seo, Jungju has developed his unique tone in more various voices than anyone else during 60 years it took to write poems. However, until now, despite many studies on him, full-scale researches on tone have been insignificant. Therefore, I try to study on Seo, Jungju's tone of the poem in earnest. This paper, as the first step of the study, was aimed to research on the tone of 『Hwasajip』, his first collection of poems. The intention of 24 poems in the collection was toward a poetic speaker, "I". It was because of his 'quest for life', intention to restore the 'lost original form of human' and the ways of responding to facing the Japanese colonial period in literature. Therefore, poetic object and speaker chosen by the poet were the abandoned such as leper and snake. There were despairing tone of isolated speaker in the darkness, tone of defiance to cope with irrational reality and destiny, and passionate tone in the pursuit of sensual world as basic life force in 『Hwasajip』. There was also a tone that is vague but traditional. Nevertheless, the main tone in 『Hwasajip』 was the passionate tone of his own voice that contained the strong will power to life in the world of the body. I could find the true sense of 『Hwasajip』 from the tone to recover lost human nature in the reality full of contradictions and paradoxes.

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