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논문 상세정보

컬러에너지를 활용한 단기해결 중심 상담이 알코올 의존증 환자의 병원생활 적응에 미치는 영향

The effect of a short version of Problem-solving Counseling using Color Energy: For alcohol-dependent patients to adapt to long hospitalization

미술치료연구 v.18 no.4 , 2011년, pp.935 - 961  

The purpose of this study is to examine whether the short version of problem-solving counseling have an positive effect on adaption for alcohol-dependent patients in long hospitalization. Most patients who were in the alcohol facility had been hospitalized by force of family or not having been adapted to hospitalization because of the loss of self and depression. A total of 13 sessions were progressed and each of them was 90 minutes. We used KHD scale (life style in a hospital) to know how the patients adapt to hospital life along with observing their behaviors. Furthermore, patients' drawing test was examined at two times (pre and post test) to get to know color-energy using. The result of this study is following: A short version of problem-solving counseling made progress for the alcohol-dependent patients to increase color energy activation. Also, increased color energy had an effect on adapting to long hospitalization, following doctor's instruction. In an initial session, the patients used color energy from short wavelength, but the energy becomes to be derived from long wavelength which means being outgoing and adapting in society. Therefore, this study suggests that the counseling using color energy was effective in long hospitalization.

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