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논문 상세정보

고등학교 현장의 현대시 교수-학습 고찰

A Study of Modern Poetry Teaching-Learning in High School

영주어문 v.22 , 2011년, pp.163 - 192  

This study proposes to examine the problems of modern poetry teaching-learning currently practiced in high schools and develop the teaching-learning methods in the area especially focusing on the revised high school curriculum.The study has three main points of discussion - the problems of modern poetry teaching-learning process, the educational goals we must pursue in the process and finally the exploration into better ways to improve the activities of modern poetry teaching-learning.First of all, we see some problems because of teachers' stereotyped ways of teaching. Others may come from teacher-centered appreciation of poetry. And others may be produced by poetry teaching contents for related tests.In order to address these problems, teachers should not show just their own knowledge of poetry text or their ways of appreciating poems. As a reader, they must should interact with students emotionally in reading poems and arrive at sharing as many values as possible.Also, in the class of modern poetry, teachers try to think deeply about what they teach, why they teach something like poetry and how they teach something. That is because we must aim at literary education(the education of modern poetry) in our targeted teaching-learning process.Why literature, a key element of culture, must be educated has something to do with cultural background of each literary work and society which produced it.On the other hand, we must choose text poems which is usefully taught. In addition, they must imply community consciousness as well as social and cultural identity. Specifically speaking, we ask ourselves these questions. Firstly, can learners have deep interest in poetry they are learning? Secondly. can main points in each teaching-learning process be easily grasped in related poem's theme? Thirdly, does the poem embody our life vividly? Finally, can learners recognize social and cultural identity after they appreciate and rearrange the poem?Of course, teachers ought to avoid giving their knowledge one-sidedly to their especially in teaching modern poetry. Instead, teachers help their students understand literary works with open minds and get literary and creative insight into society.When modern poetry teaching-learning in high school classrooms meets with the standards claimed in this study, ultimately it can approach the aims of literary education in recently revised curriculum, which says "Based upon the proper understanding of literature and wide experiences, students are able to read and create literary works. Furthermore they can arrive at self-realization, contributing to the development of their community.'

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