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논문 상세정보

Excitation-Dependent Nucleon-Nucleus Optical Potentials

Excitation-Dependent Nucleon-Nucleus Optical Potentials

Journal of the Korean Physical Society v.59 no.23 , 2011년, pp.951 - 954  
D. Neudecker, J. Haidvogl, H. Leeb

Pre-compound reactions can be described by multi-step direct processes. In thispicture the reaction proceeds via a sequence of particle-hole excitations withincreasing number of particle and holes involved. Thus in each excitation stepthe structure of the system changes and correspondingly the optical potentialsshould change as well. At present pre-compound calculations within the formalismof multi-step direct processes show unexplained deviations from experimentaldata at higher energies (about 80 MeV). One suggestion to cure this problem isthe use of excitation-dependent optical potentials to account for thedifferent structure in each step, but this has never been studied. In this contribution the nuclear matter approach of the optical potential hasbeen extended to excited target nuclei. Especially, excitednuclear matter is considered and the g-matrix is evaluated via theBethe-Goldstone equation with a reformulated Pauli operator, which accountsfor the excitations. Applying the local density approximation, thecorresponding excitation-dependent optical potentials were evaluated and used inmulti-step direct reaction calculations. The impact of the excitation on the optical potential, but also on the multi-step direct process is studied.

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