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논문 상세정보

일본의 독도 이름 개칭에 관한 연구 - 松島에서 竹島로의 개칭에 대한 고찰을 중심으로

A Study on the Changing Name of Dokdo by Japan - focused on changing name from Matsushima to Takeshima -

민족문화논총 no.48 , 2011년, pp.355 - 386  

Japan have changed Dokdo name from the existing ‘Matsushima(松島)’ to ‘Takeshima(竹島)’ during the process of forced annexation of Dokdo. But Japan insisted the responsibility of changing name of Dokdo was due to foreign country. That is, the reason of changing name Dokdo as ‘Takeshima’ which has meant as Ulleungdo by Japan instead of ‘Matsushima’ is based on Siebold's wrong map.This study tried to reveal the truth of the fact that Japan justified the seizure of Dokdo by changing name of Dokdo. So, this paper proved the false excuse by Kawakami Kenzo(川上健三) who explained about the reason of changing name Dokdo(Matsushima) to ‘Takeshima’ was due to Siebold's wrong map. And the paper found the fact that Siebold's 「Japan Map(日本圖)」 obviously revealed ‘Takeshima’(Ulleungdo) and ‘Matsushima’(Dokdo), but the location of latitude and altitude was wrong.Also, this paper proved wrong insistence by Japan about the confused name of Dokdo because there were islands in the western map of 「Japan Map」 which figured ‘Takeshima’ as ‘Argonaut island’ and ‘Matsushima’ as ‘Dagelet island, and Hornet island between Korea and Japan. Author raised a question on the Western recognition of the geography about the area because Admiral Perry's 1856 「Map around Japan(近域圖)’ never drew any island like 'Argonaut' in the area but the fact 「Japan Map」 had drawn three islands after the time meant Westerners had a little knowledge about the geography of East Sea area.Especially, this paper assumed a possibility of Japanese intention to hide something important because every country should examine prior survey and strictly review on historical fact to decide important national agenda such as acquisition of new territory issues, but Japan ignored the process.So the paper tried to find the Japanese intention and pursued the reason of Japanese changing name from ‘Takeshima’ as Ulleungdo to ‘Matsushima’. It was assumed that Japanese intended to change the name because Japan tried to cheat governor who banned sailing to Takeshima in the year of 1836 which evoked an incident by Aizuya Hachiemon(會津屋八右衛門)’s Takeshima sailing. This incident resulted behead of Aizuya Hachiemon and Hashimoto Sanbei who secretly sailed to ‘Takeshima’(Ulleungdo) to make smuggling for Japan Sword and armors. Japan Bafuku declared ‘Order of Prohibition to Sail to Takeshima’ again in 1837.Japanese who recognized this fact intended to escape the punishment by taking a measure calling 'Takeshima(Ulleungdo) to ‘Matsushima’. This fact was proved by written statement by Aizuya Hachiemon as “Matsushima is a small island and not scheduled to sail, and how about remain a report to Edo office about sailing to Matsushima but really secretly try to sail to Takeshima? And I discussed in detail with Hashimoto Sanbei to pretend the drift of sailing to, when if the fact was leaked to other persons, and hurried the sailing.” Also, this kind of measure to change name of the islands was applied to ‘Application of Matsushima Exploration’(鬱陵島 開拓願) which has been submitted to Japan MOFA in 1876 by Muto Heikaku(武藤平學).Recognizing the fact, Japan government used the name Takeshima which they traditionally called as Ulleungdo to make Dokdo as Terra Nullis as a means to achieve their purpose. As a conclusion, this paper induced a theoretical result that Japan instead cited ‘Matsushima’ as Ulleungdo which civilians so far called it. The reason of the changing name by Japan assumed Japanese government's intention to avoid a criticism of suspicion for the Korean territory seizure by foreign countries if Japan use same name of the existing ‘Matsushima’. In other word, Japan needed a changing name of the islands to avoid the criticism and acquire a new territory.

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