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논문 상세정보

불교와 그리스도교의 평화와 실천

The Paece and Its Practice of Buddhism and Chritianity

한국불교학 no.60 , 2011년, pp.135 - 163  

Nowadays, the mankind is in the face of crisis with environment pollution, ecosystem-destruction, Nuclear weapon-threat and the ethnic conflict. In these situations, the religious doctrine should be embossed in oder to restore the peace.The doctrine of peace in Buddhism and Christianity is the way of self-negation.We can find out the way for the peace and communication between religions and the way for the harmony in eco-system through the realizing of self-negation. The way of self-negation or self-emptiness is manifested as the conception "kenosis" in Christianity and "anātman" in Buddhism. The conception "kenosis" in Christianity and "anātman" in Buddhism can be a basis to recognize the social-ethical relationship in modern society. In this paper, I try to find out the methode for peace-practice through the practice "kenosis" in Christianity and "anātman" in Buddhism. Because "kenosis" and "anātman" are the basis for the restoration of peace as a self-reflection. In Christianity the peace-practice means the realization of justice and Jesus Christ showed the concrete example,the accomplishment of love through the "kenosis", namely self-emptiness. The love of Jesus Christ is accomplished through his death by "kenosis" on the cross.Buddha became to nirvana owing to providing with food by Cunda-Kammraputta. He showed the accomplishment of real "anātman". Even if Buddha knew his nirvana with providing-food by Cunda-Kammraputta, Buddha did not take away from Cunda-Kammraputtathe the chance to accumulate virtuous deeds.The basis of the restoration of peace in Buddhism is the indiscriminate love, namely the practice "anātman". This practice of anātman comes out as buddhist mercy and we can find its concrete practical methode in Arya-atthangika-magga.

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