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논문 상세정보

「가을에게」와 키츠의 생태학적 명상

“John Keats' Ecological Meditation in ‘To Autumn’”

현대영미어문학 v.29 no.3 , 2011년, pp.173 - 198  

“To Autumn” shows the main idea of Keats' deepest meditation on the natural world and man's relation to it. Jonathan Bate says “To Autumn” is “a meditation on how human culture can only function through links and reciprocal relations with nature. For Keats, there is a direct correlation between the self's bond with its environment and the bonds between people which make up society.” Keats suggested our happiness comes from good weather, clean water to wash and bathe in, unpolluted air in which to exercise in his letter. The eruption of Tambora volcano(1815) had injured the growth-capacity of organic life across every country of Europe for three years. Only in 1819 were there good weather in summer, a beautiful autumn, and then a full harvest again. The year was very notable and special for its abundance precisely because of the series of disastrous harvests which characterized many of the years immediately preceding. Keats said our happiness depends on sociability and warmth: in order to survive, our species needs both social and environmental networks, both human bonds and good weather. “To Autumn” is a poem about these networks, and then it shows the interdependence of the man and nature. Its world comes to resemble well-regulated ecosystem. Its ecosystem is something larger than an image of agribusiness. It is a poem of a thinking of fragile, beautiful, necessary ecological wholeness. Keats' vision of a ‘green world’ we live in is a fine example of the negatively-capable “acceptance” which Karl Kroeber has identified with ecological “competence”.

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