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논문 상세정보

傳統地理學의 住宅立地와 內部空間의 方位的 象徵性에 關한 硏究 -風水論의 『陽宅三要』와 『民宅三要』 론의 比較 및 活用 可能性을 中心으로

A Study on Position of House and Symbol of Space Direction in Traditional Geography - Focusing on Comparison and Utilization Possibility of 3 Principles of YangTaeg and 3 Principles of MinTaeg of Feng-shui -

문화역사지리 v.23 no.2 , 2011년, pp.181 - 196  

This research compared and analyzed both theoritical compositions and differences of 3 principles of YangTaeg of Jo Jeongdong in Ching dynasty and 3 principles of MinTaeg of Son Yuheon in Korea. This study briefly reviewed 3 principles of YangTaeg of China and 3 principles of MinTaeg of Korea, and then researched the Korean ancestors?ways of overcoming application issues which arise from the differences between housing structures of Korean and that of China. The problems of YangTaeg Feng-shui theory were suggested based on fundamental analysis of Feng-shui situation theory and 3 principles of YangTaeg and 3 principles of MinTaeg of Son Yuheon. And the application of this theory into internal space of modern Korean houses was explained. Looking at the results, directional symbol of internal space of Hanok has been a system of thinking which adapts to the nature by applying philosophical thought of direction to house accepting theory of Yeok. Thus, Feng-shui as traditional geography which puts emphasis on harmonious relationship with nature is full of suggestions to modern housing culture of apartment, villa and detached house under these unstable circumstances like severe abnormal climate and natural disaster.

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