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논문 상세정보

서동희 작업 1970 ~ 2010까지의 도자 예술의 조형적 특징 연구 - 연대별로 1970년대, 1980년대, 1990년대, 2000년대

Study on the Form and Color of Dong Hee Suh's Ceramic Work from 1970 to 2010: Discussed Chronologically by Decades

한국도자학연구 v.8 no.1 , 2011년, pp.85 - 101  

This study discusses and summarizes chronologically by decades how Dong Hee Suh’s ceramic works have developed in form and color over 40 years from 1970 to 2010.The important characteristics of Suh’s work in the 1970s are as follows. She discovered and developed the” slicing method.” Her initial experimental work with Raku glazing and firing demonstrated the advantages of colorful effects and low fire work as well as conservation of time, money, and energy. Experimental work in salt glaze and firing produced colors ranging from yellow to dark brown with textures like orange peel and an abstract sculpture style.The important characteristics of 1980s are as follows. The marbling effect of two clay bodies creates patterns on the surface, and the dynamics of the form add energy and strength.The architectural design with three layers from the base to the top was borrowed from the 70s.The important characteristics of 1990s are as follows. Suh began telling about a subject or story and then finishing the details by installations. Compositions were formed with base, second piece, and top piece utilizing colorful displays. The important change was that the composition of the forming process was previously done by one forming method. But in this piece, two kinds of forming methods were combined in one piece so as to be more appealing to the viewer. For lightweight ceramic sculpture, sawdust and paper clay were added to the clay bodies to lighten them and to improve the textual effects of a surface pattern with tiny holes.The important characteristics of the 2000s are as follows. An important artistic change in the surface treatment was to add oxides and colorants to the bisque piece and sponging out,thus washing out from the bisque. But the artist also adds colors or images by brush painting to add more delicate patterns or more detailed contents. Coloring is more complex, combining oxides and slip with glaze which causes change in textual effects.To summarize, art historians and critics descsribe Suh’s style of work as lyrically abstract.Most of her works have Biblical themes expressed in poetic symbolism. The writer has been consistent in exploring not only forms and colors but also in storytelling by installations. Out of 13 solo shows, most have biblical themes because the artist believes that the Bible is the best source of inspiration.To send this paper to Ceramics Monthly or Ceramics Art Perception is also desired. If it is published, it will be more than expected.

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