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논문 상세정보

어린이전문병원 병동부의 사용 및 요구에 관한 연구

A Study on the Use and Needs for the Ward in Children's Hospital

대한건축학회논문집 v.27 no.09 , 2011년, pp.141 - 150  
최지은, 박수빈

The medical services for children have to include not only medical care, but also daycare and education program, furthermore,support for their families. This study is designed to propose the criteria for the nurturing and family-centered ward planning for the Children's Hospital through the literature review and the survey research. Parents of child patients were asked to answer the question of use and needs for the ward. Findings are as follows. (1) The nurturing and family-centered space in the ward of Children's Hospital can be divided into two areas: treatment and nurturing facilities and family support facilities. (2) The subject hospitals provide the in-hospital schools and the lounges as a nurturing and family support spaces. The parents were least satisfied with the size and noise of in-hospital school. The satisfaction levels of the finishes and the desk-and-chair size differed according to children's developmental stages. They managed the activities such as rest, dining and sleeping around their child's bed, and sometimes eat, take a rest, or meet visitors in the lounge. (3) Most required spaces are family lounges, playrooms, and libraries and reference rooms. Patients in childhood seem to demand daily living spaces such as learning spaces, libraries and reference rooms and youth lounges.

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