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논문 상세정보

한국인의 암 예방을 위한 식사 지침 제정

Establishment of Korean Dietary Guidelines for Cancer Prevention

Korean Journal of Health Promotion v.11 no.3 , 2011년, pp.129 - 143  
이심열, 신명희, 성미경, 백희영, 박유경, 김정선, 손정우, 김원경, 정현주, 안윤옥

Background: As a leading cause of death in Korea, cancer is known to be related to lifestyle including diet. In 2007, the World Cancer Research Fund announced 10 evidence-based guidelines for reducing the number of cancers. The purpose of this paper was to produce guidelines specific to and relevant to the people of Korea.Methods: Ranging over 6 categories, 15 dietary factors known to be associated with cancers were selected after reviewing the results of relevant researches including Korean subjects and evidence-based research documents regarding the relationships between cancer and diet. The levels of intake of these selected dietary factors by Koreans were compared to the established dietary guidelines and detailed practices for cancer prevention.Results: The Korean dietary guidelines for cancer prevention consists of 8 detailed recommendations along with multiple specific practices based on the analyses of data and documents on weight and intake of cereals,fruits, vegetables, meat, salt, dairy products, alcohol, and nutrient supplements.Conclusions: The Korean dietary guidelines for cancer prevention were established based on valid scientific approach by analyzing the most recent available data. For some dietary factors, however, sufficient analysis for intake levels in Koreans was not possible. Therefore, fundamental data for the establishment of national strategy and for guideline amendments for preventing cancers need to be gathered through the analyses of relationships between cause and deaths due to cancer, database reinforcement, additional research including Korean subjects, and assessment of usual intake.

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