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논문 상세정보

도시의 물리적 환경특성이 범죄두려움에 미치는 영향

The Effects of the Physical Environmental Characteristics of City on the Fear of Crime

도시설계 v.12 no.5 , 2011년, pp.59 - 77  
구지연, 김기호

This study aims to examine the necessity of environmental design for people who might have a fear of crime in outdoor spaces. The study identifies how people experience a fear of crime according to various types of spaces, especially areas that have been modified such as redevelopment areas, to determine ways to construct the city that will allow people to feel safer when they are outside. The data source is obtained from a survey of people on the streets of Myung-Dong that determines what factors can cause a fear of crime. The first finding shows that the physical environment is one of the main factors that influences whether people feel a fear of crime. In addition, areas that have been modified by development can also create a fear of crime. Other factors are a higher D/H Ratio, narrow width of streets and high level buildings. The second finding, derived from the result of the Ordered Logit Model, shows that flat structures increase the fear of crime. In addition, the factors that decrease the fear of crime are the high use of the surrounding area and visibility and the shape and the use of the street as well as the maintenance can either increase or decrease the fear of crime. Urban renewal projects could increase the fear of crime if the maintenance and use of the streets are not well arranged.

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