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논문 상세정보

1940년대 초반 도쿄ㆍ요코하마 지역 항일운동 -순창지역 남산대 신씨家의 항일운동

The anti-Japanese movement of the Namsandae Sin family(南山臺申氏家)in Sunchang(淳昌)

전북사학 no.39 , 2011년, pp.247 - 276  

To date, the study on the anti-Japanese movement of the Korean residents in Japan is focused on three objects of study. First, the time is from the late 1920 to the 1930s. Second, the region are the Kantou(關東) district(=Tokyo and surrounding areas) and the Kansai(關西) district(=Osaka and surrounding areas). Third, the theme is a famous person or a famous group. Therefore, there are few studies on the anti-Japanese movement of the Korean studying in Japan in the 1940s.This study is about to investigate the characteristic of the anti-Japanese movement group of the Korean residents in Japan by "Tokyo Korean Communism Group Case of January, 1940" and "Yokohama Korean Student Communist Group Case of December, 1941". The above two cases had characteristics that the members involved in the cases were from the same family and the same town or region such as the Goryeong Sin family(高靈申氏家門), those organizations were small and secret, and connecting by Kim Yonggyu(金容珪).The reason for organizing small and secretly was due to the Japanese government's oppressive and conciliatory measure on Korean studying in Japan. With the upcoming World War Ⅱ, the Japan's government was anxious that Korean students studying in Japan would be the potential leaders of the anti-Japanese movement, so consequently it tightened the oppressive and conciliatory policy more strictly, while it provided an institutional strategy to keep watch on them through organizing Hyupwhahoe(協和會), Korean scholarship committee(朝鮮獎學會) and the like.

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