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논문 상세정보

일제시기 日本硬質陶器株式會社의 기업경영 분석

Analysis of the Corporate Management of Japan Ironstone Chinaware Mfg. Co. Ltd during Japanese Colonial Period

지역과 역사 no.29 , 2011년, pp.387 - 424  
배석만, 김동철

This study analyzed the process of developing the management of Japan Ironstone Chinaware Mfg. Co. Ltd (Japan Ironstone Chinaware) that set up factories both in Kanazawa and Busan and developed production of industrial pottery and porcelain.Japan Ironstone Chinaware was established as a regional corporation in Kanazawa in 1908, and then took advantage of the warboom of World War Ⅰ and entered into Korea in 1917. This was intended to mass-produce the pottery and porcelain for export through the use of the raw materials and cheap labor in Korea under Japanese colonial rule. However, it faced difficulties in the management during long-term economic recession in the 1920s. In 1925, Japan Ironstone Chinaware accepted Gentaro Kashii, who was a leading capitalist in Busan, as president in order to restore the management, and attempted reforms such as moving its head office to Busan to receive support from the Chōsen Government-General. However, it was not enough to overcome the long-term economic depression.Japan Ironstone Chinaware came out of the financial difficulties and then got on the right track of restoring the management since the mid-1930s. It was thanks to recovered energy of the export market that had not been able to come out of the economic depression during that time. Also, this established the ‘division of the production system of Kanazawa Factory ― high-quality product and Busan Factory ― low-quality product.’ The management in good times continued even in the wartime. This is because European countries were first involved in the war and Japan Ironstone Chinaware could hold a dominant position in the export market in Southeast Asia in competition with the European countries as the main market.However, entering the Pacific War period, Japan Ironstone Chinaware faced the management crisis again due to the closure of export markets. Japan Ironstone Chinaware attempted to overcome this crisis by developing the national project based on the Busan Factory. An attempt of establishing the mass production system of Chōsen Tableware that took advantage of the compulsory delivery of metal by the Chōsen Government-General was one of the typical business. Although Japan Ironstone Chinaware’s attempt achieved certain results such as an increase in the sales, it had limitations to pull out of the structural deficit and improve the management.

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