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논문 상세정보

주거자료를 통해 본 호남지역 원삼국시대 지역성

The regionality of the Proto-Three Kingdoms Period in the Honam area through the house data

한국상고사학보 v.74 no.74 , 2011년, pp.81 - 113  

This article suggests the readjustment of the chronicle as an alternative to complement the regionality divided by eastern mountainous region and western plain region existing in the Honam region of Proto-Three Kingdoms Period and the gap of time up to 300 or so years resulted from the absence of hard, Kyungjilmumun pottery stage. To attain this goal, this study establishes a new time frame of ‘technological system’instead of classifying styles or dividing periods, the chief existing methods to write a chronicle and figures out the changes of relics and remains based on that. Taking as its subjects the typical pots for living such as steamers, egg-shaped pots, and cylinder-shaped pots, this study extracts significant reference properties for comparison fully examined in previous research and provides them with property codes to observe the changes of technological systems and material cultures through orderly arrangement.As a result, the eastern mountainous region and western plain region experienced the 2nd-step and 3rd-step technological system development until A.D. 4~5. Such changes do not seem to have occurred necessarily at the same time, but it is estimated that each society had some difference by the acceptance and maintenance of technological systems. Also, it is thought that such technological system development showed significant correlations with the changes of material cultures like relics and remains and accelerated the time and space differences of the residential culture in the Honam region.A pottery's regionality of the Proto-Three Kingdoms Period in the Honam area is a result that a series of social transitions related with Iron Culture like prevalence of ancestral rites held before the grave such as Togwang-myo or Mokgwan-myo as well as induction of iron, it is considered that during the first century B.C., the western area of the Honam region established the mass production system of earthenware. And it is estimated that the eastern and western areas developed different developmental aspects according to the level of a unit society regarding existing Kyungjilmumun pottery stage and social capacity.

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