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논문 상세정보

방송통신위원회(KCC)의 미디어 규제이념에 관한 연구: ‘방송통신위원회 설치 및 운용에 관한 법률’ 내용분석

A Study on the Media Regulatory Ideology of the Korean Communications Commissions: Content Analysis concerning Act on the Installation and Operation of KCC

한국방송학보 v.25 no.6 , 2011년, pp.210 - 253  
김정섭, 박주연

The purpose of this study is to draw inside meaning of the Korean Communications Commissions(KCC)’ policies and regulations by scrutinizing diverse regulatory ideologies. The KCC was reestablished in March, 2008 as a regulatory agency of the convergence in broadcasting and telecommunications. To measure them, I used fifteen different ideology categories that are extracted from pre-simulation analysis of ‘Act on the installation and operation of KCC’ and ideology contemplation on other relevant laws. The examination indicated that ‘fairness’ was the most valuable ideology KCC uphold. The former Korean Broadcasting Commission(KBC)’s mainstream regulatory ideology was public interest. On the contrary, ‘public interest values’ are in harmony with ‘industrial values’ in this chart. The fairness and independency appeared as the dominant ideology in this analysis suggests that unbiased referees and decision are not only the main reason for existence of collegial decision-making independent regulatory agency but also political and social needs first and foremost for the agency. In spite of these results, there were especially many controversies over the infringement of independence and unfairness operating KCC(2008∼2010). They imply that the future direction of revisioning the law is to be focused on guaranteeing the strict enforcement of the law.

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