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논문 상세정보

이청준, <가수(假睡)>의 소설학

Philosophy of Fiction-writing of Cheongjoon Lee’s Short Fiction,

현대소설연구 no.48 , 2011년, pp.459 - 483  

Cheongjoon Lee’s short fiction, shows three kinds of writing, in other word, intertextual-writing. Every writing is a story of two men that they died one by one in the same train accident to stagger one-year difference. They had shared the same identity, naming Joo Yeonghoon from 4‧19Revolution when they formed a scrummage and protested Syngman Rhee’s Dictatorship. But hey didn’t know the reason they had shared the same identity. Because they hovered on the edge of consciousness or the state of liminality of consciousness,betwixt and between in the aura of the place where they had taken part in 4‧19 Revolution. Therefore this fiction is composed of three intertexts. One is a report of a prosecutor, another is an article of a weekly magazine and the other is a short fiction of a writer. Every writing is a quest-story of the truth, the reason why the two men shared the same identity. They were used to fall into the state of liminality between consciousness and unconsciousness in order to relive ‘the soft sleep’ when they had taken part in 4‧19 Revolution. 4‧19 Revolution liberated narrow theirselves and could unite them to share the same identity. But the Revolution was frustrated by 5‧16 military rebellion. So 4‧19 revolution-generations lost their dreams and common values;democracy, freedom, justice, etc. Their dreams and common values were buried in their deep unconsciousness. Every writing cannot present the reason of their sharing the same identity in a clear linguistic order. We can only draw the point of intersection of imagination-extension from the facts every writing has discovered. There is probably the truth at the point of intersection. Thus fiction has to be the frame that several narrators compete with their narrations. The writer’s share is to achieve a structure of free imagination to seek the truth.We need especially to note the character of the writer. He performs three roles at least in this fiction. Firstly, he has created a short ficion in this fiction. Second, he is a critic who criticizes not only his work, but also other’s writing. Third, he emphasizes his philosophy of fiction writing. He is a meta-character that exists in the state of liminality between fiction and reality.The state of liminality is called communitas in anthropology.This novel shows various techniques of post-modern novels, especially meta-fiction.

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