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논문 상세정보

침범과 분열의 파국— 김동인 『감자』의 대상관계론적 해석

The Catastrophe of Impingement and Splitting -Interpreting in Object Relational Perspective-

한국사상과 문화 no.60 , 2011년, pp.111 - 132  

This study interpreted the tragedy of , a short story about the corruption and final death of Bok-nyeo, in the psychological perspective of Psychoanalytic Object Relations Theory. The tragic death of Bok-nyeo was defined as the catastrophe of environmental impingement and psychological defense of splitting against the impingement.Sudden unexpected change of social situation caused by Japanese Imperialism was impingement to Bok-nyeo, who was from former scholarly family but degenerated into a beggar in the city slum. In the face of starvation, she got involved in extramarital sexual relationships with other beggars and Wang-seobang to get money. The psychological process leading Bok-nyeo to having sex for money included splitting. Splitting caused herself to forget her past identity as a descendant of a farmer who had a sense of morality. And splitting defense had to do with the malfunction of ego including reality testing and impulse control. The marriage of Wang-seobang was 'object loss' and another impingement which threatened the very existence of Bok-nyeo herself. Having lost her reason, Bok-nyeo visted Wang-seobang's bridal room at his wedding night, where she was killed by Wang-seobang with the very sickle she took.The psychological process of Bok-nyeo's corruption and death implied the essential ingredients of the modernity of Chosun. The sudden coerced modernity was inextricably intertwined with corrupt capitalism, which caused the splitting of identity and forsaking human dignity.

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