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논문 상세정보

한국 정당사 연구의 현황과 쟁점, 그리고 향후 과제

The Present Situation, Issues, and Future Tasks in Korean Party History Studies

한국시민윤리학회보 v.24 no.2 , 2011년, pp.47 - 67  

The purpose of this study is to examine the present situation, issues, and problems of Korean party history studies with focus on published papers in the journals, and to indicate future tasks and basic direction for study activation. As a result of this study, although Korean party history studies has core academic value to offer academic base and identity of Korean political process and party politics studies, but this is very lack of continuity of following studies in comparison with early studies. Especially, Korean party history studies was quantitatively poor of study discussion and debate, and was lack of interest of scholars and experts. For vitalization of Korean party history studies, therefore, it needs to increase study and research quantitatively, subdivide research field, diversify research approach, develop research methodology, accumulate data and document, and convert cognition and attitude toward Korean party history studies.

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