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논문 상세정보

국어 어문 규범 교육의 목표 및 내용의 재구성 -초등학교, 중학교, 고등학교급의 위계성을 중심으로

Reconstitution of Educational objectives and contents in Eomunkyubeom - Based on Hierarchy of Elementary, Middle and High Schools -

국어교육연구 no.28 , 2011년, pp.85 - 111   http://dx.doi.org/10.17313/jkorle.2011..28.85
주세형, 신호철

The 2011 revised Korean language a curriculum surely contains the contents of Eomunkyubeom. As usual, however, the levels of achievement are set according to graded school system without information of learners' accurate language abilities or criteria of hierarchy.Especially in case of 2011 revised curriculum, although criteria based on class levels are provided, saying it is hard to find supporting evidence points out that this curriculum will have many difficulties to be practiced on the ground. As is generally known, this problem lies on the limitation of revised a curriculum policy itself. The limitation becomes more obvious as the policy altered frequently.Hence, studies on collecting and analysing critical evidence for policy-making as well as keen research on a curriculum policy must be conducted intensively.Furthermore, it seems necessary to re-analyse statistical data which are able to provide evidence for a curriculum policy among existing studies.Though wider range of exploration is required, this study is meaningful since it discusses what kind of differentiation Eomunkyubeom education should have based on objective evidence.

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