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논문 상세정보

호텔기업의 외식브랜드확장의 유형에 따른 소비자의 태도에 관한연구

The Study on Consumer’s Attitude of Restaurant Brand-Extension Types of the Hotel Business

관광연구저널 v.25 no.5 , 2011년, pp.177 - 196  
정원희, 정유경

This study’s’ purpose is to help hotels to understand the market accurately and to increase the probability successfully when they establish their extending strategies of Food-service business in the dynamic Food-service market in Korea. There are three brand extension models will be introduced in this paper and Researcher was trying to find out how the hotel’s quality will affect their extended Food and beverage outlet in the market and to help out purchasing intension in a positive way. Two hypotheses were established to achieve a purpose of this search.Among the three brand extension models in this study, the corporate brand extension model regard the experience from the hotel’s Food-service outlet in the same light with from the extension Food-service brand. This help to retain the customer not only in the hotel but also out of hotel and furthermore this affect improving the hotel’s quality positively. When the hotel wants to branch out into the different targeted market, Food-service department brand expansion model can be established. Even though it is operated by the Food-service department of hotel, it can make new brand compounding from hotel and brand name or it can attempt the completely new brand. Finally, the independent brand extension model is that it’s not placed to the hotel and it manages the independent business company. This extension model’s operation doesn’t affect to the market related to the hotel business but compete with other similar Food-service business outlet market. But it is important that this model can’t be operated independently from the beginning of business. It is only can be utilized after verification from food and beverage outlet of hotel and related business’s operation experiences and know-how.

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