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논문 상세정보

탈주체의 문화중심에서의 미술교육의 가치체계

Paradigm Shift in Humanities, from Humanism to Culture-centered: Implications for Art Education

미술교육연구논총 v.30 , 2011년, pp.55 - 72   http://dx.doi.org/10.35657/jae.2011.30.0.003

This paper reports research on the value systems flowing from humanism to culture centered postmodernism, as well as the implications that these have for art education. This study uses discourse analyses to illuminate postmodern concepts in art education. Modernist humanism emphasizes individual uniqueness through self-expression, in order to achieve humanistic education. In this context, one's uniqueness and creativity were emphasized as the main aim of art education. Within these discourses art education was classified a subject that could enhance mainly through human sensibility or emotion, whereas mathematics and science were known as cognitive science. However, in culture centered postmodern thought, art is considered as social production and text. Because art is defined as text and intertextuality in nature, consequently, art education is recognized as culture education. Because an artwork as text is also visual metaphor which use symbols within its context, the main purpose of art education is to understand our lives through art. For this, one of the sub-purposes of art education include critical literacy to read the meanings and intentions of artwork. In this sense, its pedagogy is directed art interdisciplinary studies in which art subject plays its key role, in order to identify the relationship between artworks that I have made along with those others. In this way, art is identified as a cognitive subject in which emotive aspects are deeply involved.

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