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논문 상세정보

「운동사에 관한 규칙」제정 검토(안

A Study for Enacting of ‘the Rules on Kinesiologist'

아시아 운동학 학술지 v.14 no.1 , 2012년, pp.77 - 88   http://dx.doi.org/10.15758/jkak.2012.14.1.77
옥정석, 안근옥

[INTRODUCTION]] The purpose of this study was to determine the enactment requirements of ‘Regulation on Kinesiologist' and the revision contents on the National Health Promotion Act by applying Delphi method in order to prepare the necessary legal foundation in establishing the exercise specialist qualification system in the healthcare field. [METHOD] For the first survey, specialist sub-committee (5 members - 3 professors of kinesiologist; 2 field kinesiologists with doctorate degree) was formed, and in the second survey, 50 specialists (50 participants - 42 professors of kinesiologist; 7 kinesiologists with doctorate degree; 1 professor of law) participated among which 46 specialists responded. The third survey was conducted with the participants that consisted of the 46 participants of the second survey (46 participants - 39 professors of kinesiologist; 6 kinesiologists with doctorate degree; 1 professor of Law) among which 42 participants responded. [RESULT] There was an opinion from the specialists that it would be reasonable to base the exercise specialist qualification system on the National Health Promotion Act, with the consensus on establishing Article 19-2 (Kinesiologist License) of the National Health Promotion Act. The panel responses were somewhere between ‘approval' and ‘full approval' on the contents of elements that should be considered in the ‘Regulation on Kinesiologist' of the purpose, definition, qualification test implementation & public announcement (implementation frequency, test supervision, test announcement), qualification test (test subject & question ratio per subject, type of test, passing standard, practical training), special committee on kinesiologist training (establishment, subdivision, responsibilities), refresher training, special & temporary courses, etc. In the amendment of the National Health Promotion Act, the survey research result revealed that there is a possibility of dispute in ‘allowing the use of the national health promotion fund' for ‘the nation-wide exercise training', and in the enactment of ‘Regulation on Kinesiologist', ‘the qualification test subject & question ratio' and ‘type of test', namely, the implementation of practical test could become an issue of dispute. [CONCLUSION] It would be necessary to enact the ‘Regulation on Kinesiologist' as soon as possible that is based on the National Health Promotion Act for the purpose of medical cost reduction through the promotion of national health, as well as the assurance of the vocational field and status of those who majored in Physical Education.

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