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논문 상세정보

주택 공공분양에 있어서 중복당첨시의 법리

The principle of law on duplication prize winning in the public sale of apartment

홍익법학 v.13 no.1 , 2012년, pp.317 - 348   http://dx.doi.org/10.16960/jhlr.13.1.201202.317

In a preliminary offer of pre-sale housing, preliminary winner will be interpreted as a conditional pre-sale reservations. The winner in the preliminary offer are granted the conditional right that is made ​​in housing developments. However, it does not apply to winners in the preliminary offer that the theory is established automatically the formal contract, when one party be displayed against on the other party intention to commit booking.Because shelter houses are supplied only once a lifetime by "Rules on Housing Supply" Article 19(1), the winner in the public sale can not re-apply for a public sale. And house offer savings used to the public sale is lost as eligibility requirements by "Rules on Housing Supply" Article 5(5). But before the winner is confirmed, he can offer in other regions sale. In this case, if he can win in the two regions, he can in principle choose one or the other by the Paragraph 5 of Article 10. These options are recognized, even if a man hit on the duplication in the agency recommendations. These options is independent of the optional claim in the civil law, and it is enough to interpretation of that be restricted on duplication supply by law.The regulations on "Rules on Housing Supply" are correspond to the regulation-order to bound the public or the courts.Thus, if national authorities in the superior position have deprived of right on duplication prize winning, the victim can be claimed prohibit disposal, of course, damages due to insolvency or tort.Damages for the benefit of the implementation would normally be “typical damages”. The typical damages can be calculated as: those of the difference between the sale price and the market price for insolvency or tort.It is not easy to calculate typical damages for a house that is not building. If difficult to prove specific damages, damages should be calculated through various indirect. The important thing as various indirect is the average price of an residential housing in the vicinity. As for a way to specify Vicinity, there is “Capital district housing resale restrictions greenbelt release implementation guidance”. Conduct to determine Vicinity belongs to within the discretion of the administrative offices, but because of violation on the principle of equality, the proportional principle, contrary to the principle of trust protection rights, tort liability can be established.

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