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논문 상세정보

기억의 외재화에 대한 문화철학적 비판

Cultual-philosophical Critic on the Externalization of Human Memory

인문과학 no.49 , 2012년, pp.49 - 71  

The aim of this paper is to criticize cultural-philosophically the change of the human memory and imagination in the new cognitive environment constructed by convergence media. Convergence media are not simple instruments but cognitive conditions of human. Today, through convergence media we can see, listen,remember and imagine. As convergence media are emerging as new cognitive conditions, human cognitive process falls to being understood as structure of media. This understanding is clearly emerged in the Mylifebits project promoted by MS. This project aims at ‘externalization of human memory’, by using convergence media. In this project, human memory is understood as computer file storage system. Computer files are stored in an external device, likewise human memory can be also stored in an external device. Human is biological being, and his memory is apt to be distorted and lost. However, if the memory is stored in external device, it is neither distorted nor lost. Thus the research directors of Mylifebits project call this electronically stored memory ‘Total Recall’. It requires two main premises which human memory is personal and unrelated to the meaning, in order that human memory could become Total Recall. Because we have digital media personally and mechanical memory cannot generate any meaning. However, any human act is neither simple physical work nor mechanical process like response to a stimulus. Even in the lowest level, human act has meaning. Meaning is not personal at all. Thus human memory is also not personal. In other words, human memory is essentially cultural. It is a distortion of original meaning to regard human memory as a mechanical process. Furthermore, memory is not different to imagination, or rather, memory is closely akin to imagination. In this sense, distorting original meaning of memory is linked directly with the distortion of imagination. The externalization of human memory like Mylifebits is originally based on collaboration between human and digital media in order to augment human cognitive ability. Thus, if we want to accomplish this original intention,we must start from the true understanding of that ability.

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