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논문 상세정보

경인지역 일간 신문의 지역성과 공공저널리즘 실천에 관한 연구 -<경인일보> <인천일보> <경기일보>를 중심으로

Study on Localism and Public Journalism on Daily Newspapers in Gyeonggi and Incheon Metropolitan Areas -Case Study of , ,

지역과 커뮤니케이션 v.16 no.1 , 2012년, pp.33 - 72  

The study examined the practices of localism and public journalism of three daily newspaper in Gyeong Gi and Incheon metropolitan areas, considering the crises of local press in Korea. Regarding the localism, the study analyzed the first pages of three papers in terms of several aspects, such as report types, sources, locality, local interest, and local networks. In addition, the study interpreted the results in qualitative manners, presenting actual reports from the papers. To measure the practices of public journalism, the special and investigative reports were selected and analyzed in terms of citizen source, report subjects, and solution inclusion. The results showed that the newspapers were not utilizing their first pages while focusing mainly focusing on straight news and on local politicians without in-dept reporting on the local issues. On the other hand, the local papers had a good job in their reflection of local perspective, local interest, and networks. Regarding public journalism, the papers covered the issues with in-dept manner, while failed to show their solutions and to include enough citizen sources. Finally, the study conducted a survey to examine the circulation level and the satisfaction level among local readers. The results showed that the local readers were not satisfied with their newspapers in their local information and the quality of local reporting. To improve the situation, the local newspapers should more focus on “hyper-localism” which cover the very detail of local residents and their daily lives.

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