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논문 상세정보

3D 제품모델링에 따른 Mock-up 제작 관련 데이터 최적화에 관한 연구 -Rhinoceros 3D를 활용한 IGES File Troubleshooting을 중심으로

A Study on Data Optimization Related to Mock-up Production in 3D Product Modeling -Focused on IGES File Troubleshooting by Rhinoceros 3D-

한국디자인문화학회지 v.18 no.1 , 2012년, pp.282 - 296  

In the field of industrial design, until CAID uses the computer for the design development process and reaches to the wide visualization of the design and design and production, it means the computer application design method considering.CAID System designers can take advantage of 3D Modeling, 3D Rendering through the product design and development work is in progress. The final model is designed to increase confidence in the availability or mold design and fabrication of mechanical design in order to reduce errors through the process of prototyping CAD System was designed and sent to the data task or RP / CNC System will be sent.However, these design modeling data conversion process again each engineer performing the work of the designer’s intent as a shape different from the final results come out, or change the engineer’s own comments to design modeling and data exchange and rework this conflict led to a series of casesoccur frequently. Converting data of these tasks should be based on trust, despite lack of criteria for design modeling data and data’s trust and eventually fall off the need for modification or re-temporal modeling, cost is often a waste occurs. In this study the above issues in order to propose a solution based on data conversion design modeling tool and engineering tool to investigate the compatibility between the past, based on the results of the survey used a lot of tool and file format, selected change in the IGES format design modeling tool that you may experience problems when analyzed through the test section and accordingly find a solution to the troubleshooting steps 1-8 to set the guidelines proposed and verify them by a trusted mutual standardization data conversion plan is suggested.

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