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논문 상세정보

디지털 방송의 시청 접근성 연구

A Study on Viewing Accessibility in Digital Broadcasting - Focus on physically challenged,visually and hearing impaired viewers -

커뮤니케이션디자인학연구 v.38 , 2012년, pp.241 - 250  

Thanks to the advent of digital broadcasting it manages to provide unlimited contents to viewers of whole world, which have high-definition video and high-quality audio as well as interactivity. Although audience take various profits rather than before, there is an exception to the disabled who lie in the blind spot of TV viewing. The public concept of digital broadcasting is all about anytime, anywhere and anyone. Here anyone means the viewers including to physically challenged, visually and hearing impaired as well as normal audience. Nevertheless, considering the current circumstance of digital broadcast, there is no mercy to the disabled. The purpose of this paper is to deal with the viewing accessibility for the disabled in digital broadcasting arena in light of web accessibility based on the internet and well-constructed in advance. Consequently it would like to present a sort of solution of enhanced accessibility with a number of schematic suggestions.

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